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In addition to performing, Jocelyn is also an accomplished educator. She has taught for a number of higher ed institutions, including Michigan State University, and the University of North Texas. Currently, Jocelyn is serving as the Area Head of Voice for the BFA Musical Theatre program at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Jocelyn firmly believes that with a strong technical foundation and an understanding of style, a singer can access just about any genre. Her work "across the aisle" between musical theatre, opera, and contemporary music combined with her education and pedagogical training have given her the unique ability to guide a singer through these stylistic differences with a healthy, solid technique. Jocelyn keeps voice lessons upbeat and positive with a strong emphasis on not taking yourself too seriously. Most importantly, she focuses on teaching the singer to recognize and understand the subtle nuances and variations of their resonance and tone. Singing is an experience of the body, mind, and soul; and so work done in lessons also encourage a healthy mental space in which one can sing free of self-judgement. 

Jocelyn keeps an active private studio in addition to her studio at UT Arlington and is available to take on new students. 


Jocelyn books her lessons using Fons! To book a lesson, click the button below!

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